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I started this post to lament the end of Martha Stewart’s Whole Living Magazine, (the last issue was printed in January 2013) and went back to find photos from a photo shoot Whole Living Magazine (then named Body + Soul) did at our old Albany, New York city home back in May 2007.

I’ve mentioned our old home in posts in the past, and here you get to see it – a 1930’s center hall colonial with green shutters! It was really emotional for me to look at these photos – Son H had just turned two years old, and it’s just before we moved to the house we live in now. I’m really attached to the places I’ve lived, and part of my heart wants to still have all the best things about those places with me forever!


Eco-friendly Living with Martha Stewart's Whole Living magazine

{One half of the Whole Living Magazine crew arriving}

Looking at these photos brings me right back that day on my old street – here’s one of two SUV’s the Whole Living Magazine team pulled up to the sidewalk with. Two editors, a stylist, photographer John Dolan and his assistant. They also carried with them flats of mums, which were quite hard to find in May, but the article was to be printed in the Fall, and they had to make the scene look right!


Celina Ottaway and photographer John Dolan shooting film with an older camera, no digital

{our old front yard}

My front yard was one of the locations shot for my talented and beautiful friend and blogger Celina Ottaway’s article. Here she is planting the mums with her son T, who is just out of range of the photograph. My daughters are watching. Evie is wearing the burgundy top, and Rosie the pink.


Celina Ottaway on Norwood Avenue, a walkable green neighborhood in the Pine Hills neighborhood of Albany, NY. Eco-friendly garden.


We had quite the peanut gallery watching the shoot. What a gorgeous day we had!


Norwood Avenue in the Pines Hills/New Scotland/Woodlawn section of Albany, New York. Earth-friendly front garden with no pesticides.

{shading his eyes}

Here’s my husband holding a wiggly Son H – he didn’t dare let him run free! I can’t believe the years have flown by so fast. This little guy is seven years old now!


Martha Stewart Living photographer John Dolan at a photo shoot in Albany, New York

{NYC based photographer John Dolan}

Famed photographer John Dolan was behind the camera. Not a digital camera, but an older large-format camera shooting with actual film! Why film?

“Digital makes everything look good, but takes more work to make it look great. I am much more efficient with film. My motto to myself is “With film, the reward is well worth all the risk.” – John Dolan


Martha Stewart Living photographer John Dolan explaining his photography to a child in Albany, New York

{look here}

Here’s John explaining to Evie how the viewfinder works. At the time, John not only did print and advertising work, but was well-known for shooting weddings, not only of celebrities like Will and Jada Pinkett Smith, but was known as the go-to guy when magazine editors were getting married themselves – a very high compliment!


Ever since, I’ve looked for John’s work in magazines. His latest client list today reads from Tiffany and Co. to the Seinfeld family and Robert Redford. Here’s a gorgeous black and white photograph from his website www.JohnDolan.com


…and here’s another. The qualities of pure, natural light and the sublime capturing of human emotion are what sets his stunning photographs apart.

John Dolan’s Facebook page shows his very latest work. On the newsstands right now he shot “A Kentucky Wedding” for Country Living Magazine, and in the May 2013 issue of Martha Stewart Weddings he shot “A Vermont Wedding”  He’s worked with Martha Stewart for over sixteen years and took the photographs for the “Compost” article in the March 2013 issue of Martha Stewart Living magazine, and also shot the cover of her latest book. A very busy and talented man!


Martha Stewart Whole Living Body + Soul in Balance editorial team and Celina Ottaway leaving a photo shoot with famed NYC photographer John Dolan

{heading out}

Here’s John, Celina and crew (her son is in the striped shirt) heading out to their next location.

I miss Whole Living Magazine. It was a great source for fantastic articles on healthy living and I haven’t found another magazine that can fill it’s shoes. And I miss that old house! Those crabapple trees in the photo above were just about to bloom (they were a Mother’s Day gift) and just small sticks in the ground when we first planted them.

Every year I had pruned the trees carefully. But you can’t have everything and take everything with you – be it magazines, crabapple trees or your children’s youthful smiles.


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