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Our second vacation this summer took the whole family out west for three weeks! When I was a kid, we took two trips out west with my parents and three siblings, and I wanted give our kids a taste of that. It was so much fun rediscovering places I had visited as a child…


Finding Elk at Jenny Lake, Grand Teton National Park

Grand Teton National Park

Our first stop was Grand Teton National Park. What a great place to hike! We were even greeted at the park entrance by the same “purdy” Park Ranger who greeted fellow blogger Jody (see her  About Last Weekend Jackson Hole post here!) We got caught in some spectacular thunderstorms up in the mountains, but didn’t mind as the rain cooled us off!


Old Faithful Geyser, whitewater rafting and elk at Yellos=wstone National Park Eco-friendly vacation

Yellowstone National Park

Next, we travelled north to Yellowstone National Park. Our first day we were treated to not only timing our first visit to Old Faithful Geyser perfectly (no ninety minute wait for us!), but we also caught an elk nursing her little one in the middle of the road! This park is huge – we visited and stayed in all four corners of it. Evie, Rosie and Son H would put the day we spent white water rafting high on their “best of” list.


Bison and Upper Yellowstone Falls and soaking swimming in the Boiling River, Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park

I vividly remembered walked down the many metal stairs of Uncle Tom’s Trail as a kid to view Lower Yellowstone Falls. It was great to do it again with my kids!

And yes, bison blocked the roadways everywhere!

My favorite place for breakfast was the amazing, historic Old Faithful Inn.

One “secret” spot we all loved was the Boiling River, a natural hot tub where the hot springs flowed into the chilly Yellowstone River. Hot and cold water rushed around you – as elk and fly fisherman stood by.


Taste of Portland, Bite of Portland, farmers market organic, eco-friendly produce, alberta street fair

Portland, Oregon

Next, we took the thirteen hour roadtrip to Portland, Oregon to visit my sister S, brother-in-law R and little nephews B & J! We were so lucky to spend ten days with them hitting the street festivals, food festivals and farmer’s markets! And if you needed blackberries for pancakes, they were just a short hike away from the house.


blow-out bar portland, farmer's market city of portland, shipwreck on beach portland earth-friendly

Portland, Oregon

We even got a trip to the Pacific Ocean in, but only after screening the classic teen movie “Goonies”, set in the seaside town of Astoria, Oregon, first. On the beach near Astoria – a real shipwreck! You can see the rusted hull to the left in the photo above. How cool is that?

What was the best part of your summer vacation?


p.s. Congrats to fellow artist and blogger Cecilia Frittelli for winning the Loretta Fontaine Jewelry Meredith necklace on Alicia’s blog! Find Cecilia’s blog Textile Studio here.

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