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(Thanks to Austin Iuliano for snapping this shot!)

If you haven’t guessed by looking at my Facebook feed, I’m working on my brother-in-law Ryan Grepper’s Kickstarter right now! His COOLEST Cooler is the hottest thing on Kickstarter, and I am BEYOND proud! (understatement! See Ryan’s interview with Gayle King, Charlie Rose and Norah O’Donnell on CBS This Morning here!)

But back to my Kickstarter, I’d love to share with you the progress on my book! The day after my Adirondack vacation, I met up with my uber-talented designer Christianne Smith of designsmith studios to go over the layouts she planned for the book!



What was on that computer screen that day at Spot Coffee in Saratoga Springs? Here’s a sample of the page layouts she showed me for my (funded!) Kickstarter project EcoHappy: Three Steps Toward An Earth-Friendly Life.


EcoHappyStyleBookLorettaFontaine4Fabulous work! I’m just thrilled to see Christianne’s vision. (And she’s an amazingly NICE person, to boot!)


EcoHappyStyleBookLorettaFontaine5 We had a beautiful sunny hour at the coffeehouse to look over the progress she made on the book design.


EcoHappyStyleBookLorettaFontaine6 Take a look at some of her sample page layouts!


EcoHappyStyleBookLorettaFontaine7 Christianne has a lovely eye for the flow of the book. I just love these split page layouts! What do you think of the fonts she choose? The double-lined font she choose for the word “one” is just lovely!


EcoHappyStyleBookLorettaFontaine8 The text is just latin filler now. And this is one of the photos I took last year while visiting my sister Sue in Portland, Oregon. There’ll be a lot of the Pacific Northwest photographs in this book!


EcoHappyStyleBookLorettaFontaine9 Let’s end with this layout and a favorite photograph – my husband and a much younger son H walking in Vermont! Those toddler curls are long gone, but I can remember them like yesterday!  What do you think of Christianne’s work so far? I can’t wait for this book celebrating “going greener” to get into the hands of all the folks who backed my project on Kickstarter! Thank you, backers, for making my dreams come true!


My New Book Is Coming Soon. Thank you Kickstarter!

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