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Strawberries! This photo above I snapped in the garden this morning captures every strawberry stage – from delicate white blossoms, to tiny white berries, to red fruit!


Fresh organic eco-friendly strawberries from my New York garden - no pesticides or herbicides!

{Evie in the patch}

We have a small strawberry patch in the garden and can pick about a bowlful a day. They get eaten up right away!


organic garden strawberries full of antioxidants called anthocyanins that make strawberries red

{a net goes over the plants after we pick – sorry robins!}

Here’s my husband picking from our patch. We were able to double the size of our strawberry patch this Spring. Where did we get the extra plants?

We didn’t have to buy them! I have strawberry plants planted among the flowers in the flower beds by the front of the house. Those plants have the room to send out lots and lots of runners, and baby strawberry plants root themselves among the bark mulch of the flower beds every year – and we use those plants to expand our strawberry beds.


ripe red organic garden strawberries in a bowl

{red and ripe}

Next year I’d like to double the area we have for strawberries again! They are so delicious and SO good for you. The chemicals that turns the strawberries red are called¬†anthocyanins – very powerful antioxidants!


p.s. Tomorrow I’m at the Beekman Street Art Fair. Stop by if you are in the Saratoga Springs, New York area!


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