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Jan 22

Snowy Days


Here near Albany, New York we’ve been blanketed with snow. It’s a serene, white wonderland and I think this will be one of those winters where we don’t see the ground until a Spring thaw. Which is fine with me. When it’s cold out I enjoy this white magic.

{Evie and Rosie by the creek behind our home}

We’ve had two snow days this month and the kids couldn’t be happier!

{my little guy off the slide}

If you’ve got the snow, enjoy it!


p.s. I’ve been writing APPLESandRUBIES for over four months and on the last snow day, (My Mr. is a teacher), my husband FINALLY took some time to read the blog! His comments? “Cool,” he says, “I didn’t know you burnt the roses! Love you, sweetheart!



  1. Carrie Fontaine says: January 22, 2011

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