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I’m working in the studio on jewelry for the upcoming June 9 Beekman Street Art Fair in Saratoga Springs and am really drawn to roses this time of year.

Loretta Fontaine Jewelry eco-friendly 14K gold Lucy earrings with Pale Pink Rose miniature original photography

{reversible Loretta Fontaine Jewelry 14K Lucy earrings with Pale Pink Rose}

This pair is my Lucy earrings in 14K gold with my own miniature original photographs of a Pale Pink Rose. Roses are so beautiful I think it is impossible not to take a great photograph of them!


Eco-friendly New Dawn Rose bush grafted from own root stock

{New Dawn climbing rose by the front door –  ready to bloom!}

I never bothered with planting roses, thinking they were “fussy”, until I was pregnant with Rosie. Then, of course, I had to have roses! I can still remember the day I planted four rose bushes in the back yard of our old city house, very pregnant, with my sister helping me dig and my Mom watching from the deck.

I planted New Dawn, a pale pink climbing rose that grows from it’s own root stock and is therefore very hardy, unlike grafted roses. Three of the four rose vines took off and soon smothered the fence I trained them on, covering it with gorgeous blooms. The fourth bush never thrived, where it was planted the fence dipped into a poorly drained area and it must have had wet feet.

When we moved, I dug up the sad, nearly dead rose and planted it near the front door of our new house. The rose loves it’s new home because it’s since been growing like crazy! You can see in the photograph above it is just about to bloom!


Tobi Fairly eco-friendly new dawn roses in her Little Rock Arkansas back yard

{Tobi Fairly’s gorgeous backyard – and New Dawn roses}

What will they look like soon? Here’s an Instagram photograph from interior designer Tobi Fairly, showing her beautiful New Dawn Roses blooming in her backyard! Little Rock, Arkansas gets it’s rose love early!


Loretta Fontaine Jewelry eco-friendly 14K gold triple lucy necklace with original miniature photographs of a pale pink rose

{Loretta Fontaine Jewelry 14K Triple Lucy necklace with Pale Pink Rose}

Here’s another rose necklace I’ll be bringing to the festival…


Loretta Fontaine Jewelry sterling silver Maria necklace with Blush Rose, photo jewelry

{Loretta Fontaine Jewelry sterling silver Maria necklace with Blush Rose}

…and another necklace with my miniature original photograph of a blush rose. I adore the old-fashioned look of this rose – very romantic!


Loretta Fontaine Jewelry Maria necklace sterlingsilver with photo of pink forget me not

{reverse of necklace – pink forget-me-not!}

The jewelry is reversible – the “other” side of the same necklace has a photograph of a pink forget-me-not. Forget-me-nots are cheerfully blooming on the side of my house right now.

If you are in Saratoga Springs June 9, please come see me, my “roses”,  jewelry, photography and recycled blank notecards at the Beekman Street Fair!



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