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June is here and there’s nothing that makes me as happy as some fresh flowers on the table, even if we’re gathered round them just to eat leftover pizza. (Like tonight!)


Pink Peonies in a vase I bought in college – and still love!

These are some beautiful pink peonies – cut from plants of an eighty¬†year old house in Albany. Since super tough peony roots can live for one hundred years – they are often called the “100 year old plant” – I imagine they could have been planted in the 1930’s or 1940’s.

We never had them in our yard growing up – but our neighbor did. I remember as a kid being a bit freaked out as the buds were always covered with black ants! But now I don’t mind ants at all. Maybe it’s time for some peonies in my own yard!

Do you have peonies?


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