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Meet our new puppy VIOLET! She is 11 weeks old and so sweet!

..and the Fall Challenge? I have to admit, one of the reasons I started blogging was I wanted to participate in Lauren Liess’s Pure Style Home “Pure Organization” Project series back in 2009. Really. Oh course, I needed a blog to do so!

When I launched my old blog ApplesandRubies in September 2010, Lauren had stopped her “Pure Organization” series. But now, she’s got a new series going! It’s a Friday Fall Decorating Challenge, and I’m game! Week #1: THE THROW BLANKET SWITCHOVER I’ve put away my ivory cotton throw blanket and brought out wool.

Here’s Violet snuggling up on our Frank Gehry Cross-Check chair with my LL Bean wool blanket given to me for Christmas! Proof that quality wool blankets are a great investment, they last and last AND get better with age! This blanket has been with me for over twenty years and is so warm and cozy!

I remember I didn’t think a wool blanket was a great Christmas gift when I got it as a kid, I remember thinking the design was too traditional. But traditional design has staying power, and now this blanket is my favorite things!


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