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{not so charming}
I think everyone in New Jersey, New York and Vermont is rethinking why they bought a property adjacent to a “charming” creek after Irene.  Here’s a photo of our backyard during the storm. It looked like a small pond, with a fast flowing stream running through it.
{The Dowerskill Creek on a better day}
I can’t find my camera’s battery charger to charge the battery and take a picture of the creek at normal levels, but here’s an earlier winter photo. 
What was scary about this storm was we had about 5″ of rain, but what would happen if we got 11″ like Vermont, or 13″ like the Catskills? Would my cute little creek breech the culvert under the road downstream and have to flow over the road? Then I hate to imagine how much water would fill our lower level.
p.s. We had a little water flowing in our basement, not from the creek, but seeping in from the ground. The dehumidifiers are still going before I clean it out.

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