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Hey! Sorry for the gaps in posting! It’s been a busy last two weeks! I’ll tell you why in my next post 🙂

I wish I could have shared more on the progress of the book! Or should I say OUR book, if you were one of my Kickstarter backers! And if you were, my deepest, deepest thanks! And a huge hug to the insightful Karen Conway, who told me about Kickstarter, way back when! (Karen’s  fantastic interior designer – see her work here and here!) I showed her a first draft of the book at the Delmar Farmer’s Market a little while back.

“THIS,” she said, “is a project for Kickstarter!”

“What’s Kickstarter????” Clueless me!

…and now I know, do I ever know! 🙂

Last week I had a meeting with my graphic designer,  the fabulous, talented and equally gorgeous Christianne Smith of DesignSmith Studios! We meet for over an hour at The Spot on Division Street in Saratoga Springs.

I only took a few bites of my sandwich. Tears were shed. The meeting went THAT well! 🙂

Isn’t it great to see a project come to life?



(Christianne and I, sharing ideas!)




My New Book Is Coming Soon. Thank you Kickstarter!

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