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I am so happy to share with you this interview I’ve done with my friend Jodi Aman! We met standing next to each other in line at an event in New York City last year, and she’s dedicated her life to helping people heal physically, emotionally, and spiritually. She has just launched Give Fear The Boot! an Online Anxiety Recovery program.

Since meeting Jodi we’re become friends who have helped support each other’s dreams, and I’ve watched her work very hard to get this program  together. If you suffer from anxiety or worries, or know someone who does, please have them listen to her videos. She is truly  healer and has helped me personally overcome a decades-long bad habit (instantly with a change of perspective and a story about a salad bar!) and helped me gain grounded perspective in my life.

Jodi Aman (photo: Renee Hall Photography)

Jodi Aman (photo: Renee Hall Photography)

Loretta: Hello Beautiful Jodi! When I met you at the THRIVE Arianna Huffington Event in New York City back in March 2014, you were telling me how you were creating an innovative, new program to help people overcome their anxiety. And now it’s finished! As you were filming this video series, what type of people did you think the series would help?

Jodi Aman: THRIVE was a great event. And hanging with you was the frosting! Wow, in March this whole this was just a little seed and now it grew and came to life. I was hoping to help the thousands of people struggling with low self-esteem, insecurity, anxiety, and panic that write to me. They are looking for answers and I couldn’t meet with them all. Actually, we learn much better in a group setting anyway. Plus I knew that people wanted help from where ever they are in the world. Especially right from the comfort of their own homes. I wanted to provide that.

Loretta: What makes this program different from what’s out there already for people suffering from anxiety?

Jodi Aman: The way I approach it is different. Loads of books say don’t think about it, but I tell you how not to. Also, I explain something that I don’t read much other places about this idea of having compassion for yourself and how important it is to trusting yourself. I show how anxiety is not you. Not even part of you. It influences you, yes, but separating it from the self is so powerful for people. They have never thought of it this way. Also, most people trying to get better have a lot of negative self-judgment that gets in the way. I stop that at the onset, by addressing self-blame with real science.  And this makes all of the difference. Anxiety increase when we don’t feel like we are good enough. I focus right on that in my program and people can then let go of their fears simply and easily.

Loretta: What results do you see people watching this video series receive?

Jodi Aman: People are going to understand anxiety better than they have before. Knowing the ins and outs of anxiety puts the power in our hands! By watching these videos, people  will have some hope and belief that they can do something to help themselves. That healing from anxiety is reachable. Theyll be able to count on themselves to get them there and then follow my simple steps to practice getting there!

Loretta: Can you give an example of the results of one of those teaching methods?

Jodi Aman: Changing how you think  about anxiety, changes the way to speak to yourself in your head when you feel nervous. This can instantly deflate the intensity of the experience, and over time, anxiety (or attacks) get further and further apart and keep decreasing in intensity. Anxiety increases or decreases depending on the meaning we make. When we think it is awful, it becomes more awful, if we thought it wasn’t too bad, the feeling would tailor to that description. Anxiety needs you to be scared of it for it to survive. I show you how to stop being afraid and then you get better.

Loretta: Amazing. I’m so happy to see this dream come true for you! I’ve watched you work SO diligently to make this happen, and many, many people will heal with the compassionate and innovative training you do! Your work has personally helped me overcome obstacles in MY life, and I’m honored to help you share this video series with others on my blog!

Jodi Aman: Thank you so much Loretta, it means so much that I helped you personally, (someone I just met in a line and became good friends with!)  This video series comes from my heart and I’m excited to see how it helps people! The take away I hope people have while feeling calmer, more centered and happy in their life, is to give themselves much more compassion. This, I think, can change the world!

Jodi Aman

Click the button above (or click this link: GiveFearTheBoot) to check out Jodi Aman’s three FREE videos! You will be happy you did! And if you know someone who suffers from unnecessary anxiety or worry, please share this blog post and interview I had with Jodi Aman with them!


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