EcoHappy Native Tree Project

Cornus florida Flowering Dogwood Tree

Cornus florida Flowering Dogwood Tree

Why plant native trees in your community? As well as providing beauty and shade, native trees provide valuable habitat for wildlife. Loretta Fontaine started the EcoHappy Native Tree Project to encourage people to use a grass-roots , do-it-yourself approach to planting and sharing trees and shrubs that are native to their own communities in the United States.

The EcoHappy Native Tree Project was recently “launched” on May 8, 2013 with the planting of 100 white flowering dogwood trees in the Albany, New York area.

The goals of the EcoHappy Native Tree Project are to present three challenges or “projects” to the public:

1. Can you identify the trees and shrubs in your yard (or nearest greenspace) and determine which are native?

2. Can you visit a nearby arboretum or park and identify one fabulous new native tree or shrub?

3. Can you propagate and grow ten local native trees or shrubs with the goal of sharing them within your community?

To help people with these three projects, Loretta is developing a regional database for people to look up Arboretums, parks and native plant nurseries in their communities within the United States. Also being developed is a list of books and resources for people to identify and propagate trees. As the EcoHappy Native Tree Project grows, articles will be added to this website with information about native trees and shrubs, and articles on people’s experiences and results with their projects!

Try one of the three projects and let us know what you find out!

Interested in volunteering? We are looking for people to update the future resource lists, and are looking for experts to join the EcoHappy team to provide tree planting advice for different regions of the United States. Email for more information!