Loretta’s Story


Loretta Fontaine

It can be easy to be green! Green design advocate, blogger, and designer Loretta Fontaine started EcoHappy Style to champion living “EcoHappy” – celebrating what’s both fabulous for you and good for the Earth in a conscious and stylish way! With a background in Architecture, Loretta writes on Fabulous Green Design and Earth-Friendly Living at EcoHappy Blog.

Loretta wrote Eco-Happy: Three Steps Towards An Earth-Friendly Life. Illustrated by her own photography, this book explores her approach to conscious living, and what it takes to live respectfully every day without guilt or regrets. A quote from the book:

“It’s likely when you make one small eco-friendly change to your lifestyle, that one simple change spurs new changes. Living greener and respectfully starts where you are. Don’t fret – there are so many different paths to explore, you don’t have to be a perfectionist.”– Loretta Fontaine

Loretta started Loretta Fontaine Jewelry as a graduate school in architecture, and her work has since been featured in eight books, including many of the 500 series by Lark Books. Her award-winning jewelry has been in many museum exhibits including “Rings,” at the Cannon Gallery of Art and Design, an exhibition juried by Robert Ebendorf.

Loretta honed her darkroom and film skills in the basement Department of Architecture Photography Lab as a student. Photography has been one of her passions ever since. Loretta Fontaine Photography features photography inspired by Loretta’s favorite natural places.

Inspired by the growing green design movement, Loretta is working on developing new green products in the studio.

Loretta Fontaine lives near Albany, New York with her wonderful aero-space-engineer-turned-math-teacher husband (who does not mind that she uses her maiden name professionally) and three adorable children. (The kids, nicknamed Evie, Rosie and Son H on the EcoHappy blog, love their Mom but don’t appreciate  every “green” idea she tries at home – especially in the kitchen!)