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My blogging break is (finally!) over and here’s the new EcoHappy Blog – in it’s new home, my new website www.EcoHappy Style.com. I miss blogging and am glad to be back!

All my APPLESandRUBIES blog posts are now here, and the new focus of my new EcoHappy Blog is Fabulous Green Design and Smart Earth-Friendly Living. Have you ever felt like you have arrived “home,” a place where you immediately feel perfectly comfortable? That’s how I feel with this new blog. I feel this is the writing I want to do and am really excited!

So, this is my “soft launch” of www.EcoHappyStyle.com, I just couldn’t wait for all the web pages to be finished before I started blogging again. So I hope you enjoy the new website, even with all the “under construction” signs. Please send your suggestions and comments – and when the EcoHappyStyle.com website is all built I’m having a big Welcome Celebration!



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