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When the local paper arrived today I expected to flip through it to find if the the interview on the EcoHappy Native Tree Project was in it. No need to flip – the story was right on the front page – “Roots Of Knowledge: Delmar Resident Launches Project to Cultivate Awareness of Native Plant Species.” Wow!

When a link to the article from Spotlight News comes online, I will share it with you. In the meantime, here are some photographs from the May 8 launch of the EcoHappy Native Tree Project:

Green Living Advocate and blogger Loretta Fontaine at the launch of the EcoHappy Native Tree Project.

We gave away 100 trees that day in my front yard. Each tree was a two-year-old bare root native white flowering dogwood (Cornus florida).


Native White Flowering Dogwood Trees in Bucket

Here’s Son H with a tree – we kept the bare root trees in buckets during the giveaway. When people came by to pick them up, we wrapped them in newspaper and tagged them with planting instructions.

Small bare root trees are easy to plant, and planting them directly into the earth minus that big ball of dirt on potted trees gives the young roots a great start. Bare root trees may look like a forlorn “stick with roots”, but they establish themselves more quickly than potted trees with the proper care.


At the launch of the EcoHappy Native Tree Project, the eco-friendly giveaway of 100 native white flowering dogwood trees cornus florida in Delmar, NY

These dogwood trees were just starting to bud – perfect for planting! Son H’s First Grade classmate “Y” and her little sister picked up a tree!


Using leaf cookie cutters to make Maple Leaf Shaped Cookies for the EcoHappy Native Tree Project launch!

We had to have treats – I was up late the night before baking. The “Maple Leaf” sugar cookies and peach lemonade were a hit!


A child holding an eco-friendly bareroot white flowering dogwood tree. Part of planting native trees for the launch of the EcoHappy Native Tree Project

Here’s my sunny and cheerful neighbor “M” with her tree!


Part of an eco-friendly event, the launch of the EcoHappy Native Tree Project drew young and old alike to plant a native tree.

As the one hundred trees were given out, I had a chance to talk with everyone about the ideas I had for the EcoHappy Native Tree Project.  I guess I was “preaching to the choir” when it came talking  with people who came out of their way to plant a tree, but it was great to listen to what people thought about my ideas.


Green Living advocate and blogger Loretta Fontaine with Dora Swan of Fin, Your Fishmonger (dishing up eco-friendly sustainable seafood in the capital region)

Such a great time! Everything went very well, even with a big downburst of rain. Luckily we had a canopy up, and of course the trees did not mind the rain at all! (The photo on the right is with Dora Swan of Fin, a local sustainable seafood shop. She also sells at our local farmer’s market. So nice to see so many farmer’s market friends stop by! I sell my jewelry and photography at the indoor Delmar Winter Farmer’s Market, but hope to have a booth one time at this summer farmer’s market with info on the EcoHappy Tree Project.)


Loretta's mother Anne Fontaine and Loretta's daughter Rosie. Anne inspired her daughter  to start the EcoHappy Native Tree Project.

This last photo they printed on page 20 in the newspaper – and is very special to me! Here is my mother with my daughter Rosie. I guess they can’t print everything said in an interview, but one thing I talked about that didn’t make the cut were the two people who influenced me to start the EcoHappy Tree Project – and my Mom was one of them! (That can be another post!)

I hope you enjoyed these photos and I’ll post a link to the newspaper article, soon!



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