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Last week I picked some veggies from the garden to bring to our local elementary school for the kickoff of our school-district-wide Farm To You Festival. Our garden is still giving us beets, hot peppers, green beans and herbs. See the dirt still on them?


Farm to You Fest Hamagrael Elementary School Farm to Table Elementary Education

at my son’s classroom – discussing beets for the launch of Farm To You Fest!

The week had kids collecting fresh food for the local food pantry, submitting farm fresh recipes, local veggies featured in the school lunches and capping everything off with a scavenger hunt at this weekend’s Farmer’s Market. 

At my daughter Evie’s middle school a salad bar was set out with vegetables from the school’s organic garden!

Son H is submitting a baked apple recipe to the Farm To You recipe contest – what’s your favorite vegetable or recipe this harvest time of year?


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