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Can you remember a time when a book you read changed your perspective? I was just at a great little thrift shop in Slingerlands, New York and suddenly a display of vintage tablecloths looked…. interesting enough to buy. Before, if I wanted a tablecloth, I’d never consider anything but brand new.

How can old tablecloths in a thrift shop suddenly look worthwhile? Some of the retro patterns from (was it the forties?) were quite dashing, and some were handmade – one tablecloth was intricate red cross stitch on white cotton. But, what suddenly made them seem interesting was reading my talented friend Eddie Ross’s new book with his partner Jaithan Kochar, MODERN MIX: Curating Personal Style with Chic and Accessible Finds.

Eddie and I came together over our blogs and our mutual love of old red transfer ware dishes five years ago. (My grandmother Honey gave me her mother’s set of red transfer ware and I love them!) When Eddie’s new book MODERN MIX arrived by mail, I couldn’t wait to dig into it – and I was not disappointed!

The book is a marvelous feast for the eyes – all of the photographs are from Eddie and Jaitahn’s New York City apartment or their Pine Hill Farm home. The book is colorful wealth of new ideas, with building on discovering and acquiring, then restoring and curating, and then ending on a glorious chapter on entertaining. Believe me, you’ll want to throw a party when you finish this book!

I called Eddie last week and asked him how the book has been received? He said people have been responding amazingly well – calling the book colorful, beautiful and educational! He told me he tried to write the book from a friend to a friend, with advice you could come back to time and time again.

And what advice does he have for encouraging folks to use the old but dated family treasures that are sitting in attics and basements and use them? “…It’s a mindset. They have to want to use those pieces,” Eddie told me.  “You need to challenge yourself to look at them in a new way.”

And using those dated pieces makes sense – few people have the cash to buy new everything. Making a mix of old with new makes it all look chic, and honors the history and story of pieces that need to see the light of day and not a coat of dust.

Did I buy a tablecloth at the thrift shop? Interesting as my newly trained eye found them, my first task is to get those old family treasures under my nose out first to admire and mix in with my life. To use those red transfer ware dishes more often, of course – but also polish some old serving spoons passed down from my grandmother Mabel. And when I’m at my parent’s house, I wonder what I might find sitting dusty in their basement? I need to dig some things out, clean them up, and throw a party! Thanks, Eddie!

Eddie and Jaithan will be on a book tour with MODERN MIX this year, visit them!

for Modern Mix Book Tour details, click here

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December 1 NEW YORK CITY

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