My dear friend Alicia Hicks is hosting a GIVEAWAY of my Loretta Fontaine Jewelry sterling silver Meredith necklace on her blog!

Find her post and enter a comment to win here:

Loretta Fontaine Jewelry Sterling silver Meredith necklace with miniature original black and white photographs

reversible sterling silver Loretta Fontaine Jewelry Meredith necklace with miniature original photography

The Loretta Fontaine Jewelry Meredith necklace is sterling silver with freshwater pearls and my own miniature original photographs. Did I mention the necklace is reversible? You can see the other side with it’s three little photographs, above.

I chose this necklace for Alicia’s giveaway because I photographed a common houseplant, the Schefflera arboricola, or common umbrella plant, for the front of the necklace. Alicia’s blog Eco Friendly Homemaking | Living & Saving Green is all about simple green living in Tennessee, and when I wrote a recent guest post for Alicia’s blog I choose to write about houseplants!

Alicia Hicks Eco Natural Soap and Eco-Friendly makeup

Eco-Natural Mineral Makeup – Alicia’s products made with pure natural organics

Alicia and her husband Alan create a full line of Eco-Natural Soaps, Products and Natural Mineral makeup. I am really excited to try the new natural mineral makeup, and just waiting for them to add the “sampler pack” of colors to their online shop so I can find the right shade!

So, head on over to discover Alicia’s wonderful blog and take a chance at winning the Meredith necklace! I can’t wait to see who wins, winner will be chosen August 30!


p.s. I’ll be adding this necklace to the EcoHappy Style Shop as soon as I can!

Head over to my dear friend Alicia Hick’s blog Eco Friendly Homemaking | Living & Saving Green to read my guest post on houseplants (…and find out what plants I’m holding in this photo!)

Here’s the link to the guest post:

Alicia’s blog is one of my favorites – she has great tips and suggestions for living green, and writes with warmth, humor and a can-do attitude! I find myself heeding her practical advice all the time.

…and did you know Alicia and her husband Alan make wonderful natural skin care and pet products? They are all “made with pure and natural organics.”


p.s. stay tuned because Alicia will be hosting a Loretta Fontaine Jewelry giveaway on her blog, soon! And , yes, the jewelry has a “houseplant” connection!





Back from vacation!

We were in the Adirondack Mountains at Lake George. One of my very favorite places!

Unpacking now, and will post more photos soon…

Where have you gone for summer vacation?



Happy Fourth of July!

Don’t these cupcakes look perfect for a patriotic picnic?

Find the recipe by Marly McMillan Beelman on’s website here!

Have a wonderful and safe holiday!


photo source here

These simple water hyacinth baskets are from Danny Seo’s sustainable and stylish collection Danny Seo Home.

Woven from the stems of durable water hyacinth, a beautiful flowering aquatic plant with origins from tropical areas of Brazil, these baskets would look beautiful in a kitchen or bath.

Water hyacinth has spread worldwide to become an invasive species that can choke waterways, foster mosquitos and starve water of oxygen that fish need to live. These Danny Seo Home baskets are made in Asia of water hyacinths harvested to clear waterways. Says Danny, ” I’m very happy to report we are using sustainable materials in really fresh and fun ways.” Bravo!


We’ve had lots of rain followed by hot weather in the garden and things are lush and blooming. The New Dawn roses have finally burst into bloom.


White Kousa Dogwood tree in bloom, white bracts

{Son H’s Dogwood blooming, the “petals” are really modified white leaves called “bracts” – and they last a long time!}

The New Dawn Roses were planted when my daughter Rosie was born, and we moved one rose bush when we moved to our new house. I had planted a white dogwood tree at our old house when Son H was born, and he was only two when we moved, so I was able to dig up his tree and plant it at our new home, and it’s blooming now.


child planting a dogwood tree, EcoHappy Style blog

{Son H and his dogwood}

Here’s a photo from 2010 where he “helped” to replant his tree! The Coral Burst crabapple tree we planted for our oldest daughter, sadly, was too big to move to our new house.


The difference between a bumblebee queen and a carpenter bee, yellow and black

{hanging out}

Here’s one last shot from the garden  – a bumblebee queen on a potato plant! She’s so much bigger than the worker bumblebees, the same size as a carpenter bee. You can tell a carpenter bee apart from a queen bumblebee, the queen bumblebee has a more triangular face and bigger eyes, and a fuzzier body.

Bumblebees are not aggressive bees if you don’t bother them, but I will never forget one morning when Son H was one year old and had a bumblebee in each fist that he picked off the marigolds! They were a little sluggish that morning and never stung him!

What’s blooming and hanging out in your garden?


“My house is filled with furniture pieces that I knew I could redefine with paint. These objects give me the greatest thrill. Why? Because I feel like I have “rescued” or “discovered” something that was not understood or recognized by others, who simply passed it by.”

– interior designer Darryl Carter, from his book The Collected Home: Rooms With Style, Grace and History

I see three things happen and think it’s time for a clothing swap!

1. I need to weed out my closet

2. My sister send me a huge box of “hand-me-ups”

3. My husband is heading out of town for a math conference

I always start by calling my friend C and finding out which day works for her! (I rarely see her and she loves a good swap.)

Then invites will go out. This year I’d like to invite Evie and Rosie’s friends to the swap too – a total girl party. (I’ll have to find a place for Son H that night!)

We keep it very low key and pile the clothes in sections – pants, skirts and dresses, shirts, shoes and accessories. Everyone is invited to bring a appetizer or drink – lots of fun!

Have you ever been to or hosted a clothing swap?


 p.s. Don’t forget to enter my little notebook giveaway!

Happy Father’s Day everyone!

The kids and I “kidnapped” my husband for the afternoon and took him to the Family Wilderness Day at the Ndakinna Education Center in Greenfield Center, New York. After an afternoon of animal tracking, shelter building, Native American games and stories, and low ropes courses, we headed to visit my Mom and Dad for dinner. I’m so glad to have my husband and my father in my life. The photo above is of my Dad and me!


Eco-friendly living. Black Mountain Lake George New York 1960's at top with the old ranger station.

{my Dad looking sharp on at the top of Black Mountain, Lake George, New York}

This is one of my favorite photos of my Dad.

How did you spend Father’s Day?


Let’s have a little giveaway! For three lucky winners, I’ll send a recycled paper notebook from Filling Spaces in Portland, Oregon.


Deepali Kalia Filling Spaces Portland Oregon 935 NW 19th Ave Portland Oregon

{Deepali’s old location in the “Pearl”}

These sweet and colorful notebooks from India are perfect for jotting notes during the day, and I found them at my friend and fellow blogger Deepali Kalia’s shop Filling Spaces in Portland, Oregon.

Since I visited her shop, Deepali has moved to a new location in Portland’s upcoming Nob Hill design district- her new location is in the old film exchange building – 935 NW 19th Avenue. I can’t wait to visit the new shop!

To win, please leave a comment above. For an second entry, “LIKE” my brand new Facebook page for For a third entry, “LIKE” Deepali’s page Facebook page Filling Spaces!

Leave a comment for each entry. Good luck! The winner will be drawn on Friday, June 21 at noon E.S.T


update: Congrats to winners Patricia, Amelia and Alicia!