The very last green beans and cherry tomatoes are getting picked in our garden – the cold weather will cut them off soon! We just dug up the purple potatoes from our garden, and I’d like to share my friend Kendal’s “End Of Summer Garden Potato Salad” recipe!


organic Adirondack Blue purple potatoes EcoHappy Style green gardening

Evie and Son H digging up our “Adirondack Blue” purple potatoes

The Fabulous Beekman Boys wedding special Sharon Springs, NY Potluck beekman 1802 heirloom recipes

Fabulous guests at a Fabulous Wedding! Yum!

Kendal and her fiance Zach were guests at Josh Kilmer-Purcell and Brent Ridge’s wedding last June in nearby Sharon Springs. The Fabulous Beekman Boys made their wedding a home-grown affair – and had guests cook, bake and bring their favorite heirloom dish for a huge wedding potluck. Kendal and Zach brought their potato salad! Next year, they’ll have their wedding at the Beekman Farm!


Kendal’s End Of Summer Potato Salad Recipe

5 lbs red potatoes (cubed and cooked 15 minutes or until tender)

3 ears of corn (cooked five minutes and cut from the ear)

4 cups grape or cherry tomatoes, halved

2 bunches of basil, chopped

1 red onion, sliced thin

juice of two lemons

1 Tablespoon sherry vinegar

salt and pepper to taste

Mix all ingredients until well blended!


Adirondack Blue purple potatoes Johnny's Selected Seeds organic potato growing

fresh from the dirt

What’s your favorite potato recipe? You can find all the heirloom recipes brought to Josh and Brent’s wedding here.


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I’ve seen a toilet/sink combination before – where you can wash your hands and use the “grey” water to flush the toilet, but never in such a good looking design as this W+W toilet and sink from Spanish company Roca.

ecohappy style green design toilet with built-in-sink to save water innovative green toilet design

two drains in the sink – for the opportunity to use sink water to fill the tank to flush the toilet

Maybe it’s the way the Europeans say it, “wall-hung vitreous china water closet and basin” even sounds nice! The other toilet/sink models I’ve seen look like a traditional toilet with a sink fitted into the top of the tank. Which works fantastically as the water that fills a toilet tank is clean potable water. Why are we using fresh , clean water to flush our toilets? Good question, but hard to convince people emotionally to wash their hands in the same piece of vitreous china that includes a toilet.

With the Roca W+W water closet and basin , the whole concept is thoughtfully and innovatively designed to look completely different. No leaning over a toilet bowl to wash your hands, the sink (“basin”) is to the left.  You can decide with the push of a button if you want your sink water to go down the drain, or be diverted into the toilet tank for a future flush. Take a look at the video on how it all works at’s blog here.

space-saving water recycling green toilet rica w+w sink/toilet ecohappy style green bathroom  design

Little ones in the house? The seat doubles as a step stool for the sink, too!

And this nifty combo is spacesaving, too! Look closely and you’ll see the lid lifts back against the wall. You don’t sit against the tank as in a traditional toilet.

What do you think? Could good design convince you to give the water-saving combo toilet/sink a chance?


p.s. I was not paid by Roca for this post – just passing some cool, green design on to you!

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Last week I picked some veggies from the garden to bring to our local elementary school for the kickoff of our school-district-wide Farm To You Festival. Our garden is still giving us beets, hot peppers, green beans and herbs. See the dirt still on them?


Farm to You Fest Hamagrael Elementary School Farm to Table Elementary Education

at my son’s classroom – discussing beets for the launch of Farm To You Fest!

The week had kids collecting fresh food for the local food pantry, submitting farm fresh recipes, local veggies featured in the school lunches and capping everything off with a scavenger hunt at this weekend’s Farmer’s Market. 

At my daughter Evie’s middle school a salad bar was set out with vegetables from the school’s organic garden!

Son H is submitting a baked apple recipe to the Farm To You recipe contest – what’s your favorite vegetable or recipe this harvest time of year?


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I’ve been making custom photo jewelry for years as special gifts, and I’m so happy to finally add a custom photo necklace to the EcoHappy Style Shop! Before, it’s been an option I’ve only offered to local clients. You can order the custom necklaces by clicking on the SHOP link above.

Eco-friendly sterling silver custom photo necklace by Loretta Fontaine Jewelry Made in USA

Reversible! Options for the reverse side are 1. Stuyvesant Fern, 2. Pink Forget-me-not, 3. Blue Forget-me-not

The Loretta Fontaine Jewelry sterling silver Maria necklace can be made with your custom photo. And because the necklace is reversible, there are three options for the back – see photo above!

Once a client orders a custom photo necklace through our online EcoHappy Style Shop, they are asked to send a .jpeg or .tiff file by email. We crop and adjust the photo and send back a digital proof in three working days. Once approved, the necklace is custom made in the studio and ready to ship in three weeks! The photo is printed at a Pro Lab and protected and sealed under clear resin.

Have you ordered a custom piece of Loretta Fontaine Jewelry for yourself or a gift? Would you be so kind to write a testimonial? Send my team and email through our contact page and we will post your thoughts on this website. I’ve made so many special custom pieces over the years – clients have used their images of children, loved ones, beloved pets, wedding photos and garden photos. The notes and stories I receive when people get the custom jewelry they ordered have been so moving and wonderful – I would like to share them!

…and the GIVEAWAY?

Custom Loretta Fontaine Jewelry sterling silver Maria necklace for Sarah Greenmand, La Maison Boheme

Custom Loretta Fontaine Jewelry sterling silver Maria necklace

My dear friend and Texan Sarah Greenman of the wonderful blog La Maison Boheme is giving away a custom Loretta Fontaine Jewelry sterling silver Maria necklace! Take the time to visit her wonderful blog and have a chance to win! The link to enter the giveaway is here: The giveaway will end at midnight on Thursday, October 17 and the winner will be announced and contacted on Friday the 18th.

What photo would you choose for your necklace if you won? Above is the custom necklace I made for Sarah – she chose a lovely candid shot of her two boys – Walker and Charlie. On the reverse of the necklace, Sarah chose the black and white image of the Stuyvesant fern.

I found Sarah years ago through blogging – she is an  actor, writer, photographer and artist! Super talented! But those boys of hers are teaching all of us so much about life. Really. In a way that brings tears to my eyes. If you are in Texas, visit Sarah’s upcoming art exhibit Neuroplasticity – a showing of paintings dealing with Charlie’s brain damage, healing and triumphs. Sarah’s finishing up the last paintings for the show as we speak, and the opening is Saturday November 2 in Dallas.

Wouldn’t a little custom love brighten your day? Please enter and GOOD LUCK!


Meet our new puppy VIOLET! She is 11 weeks old and so sweet!

..and the Fall Challenge? I have to admit, one of the reasons I started blogging was I wanted to participate in Lauren Liess’s Pure Style Home “Pure Organization” Project series back in 2009. Really. Oh course, I needed a blog to do so!

When I launched my old blog ApplesandRubies in September 2010, Lauren had stopped her “Pure Organization” series. But now, she’s got a new series going! It’s a Friday Fall Decorating Challenge, and I’m game! Week #1: THE THROW BLANKET SWITCHOVER I’ve put away my ivory cotton throw blanket and brought out wool.

Here’s Violet snuggling up on our Frank Gehry Cross-Check chair with my LL Bean wool blanket given to me for Christmas! Proof that quality wool blankets are a great investment, they last and last AND get better with age! This blanket has been with me for over twenty years and is so warm and cozy!

I remember I didn’t think a wool blanket was a great Christmas gift when I got it as a kid, I remember thinking the design was too traditional. But traditional design has staying power, and now this blanket is my favorite things!


The holidays are coming! Well, maybe not yet for you, but as a designer I’m already there.  In the studio I’m super busy sending out work to galleries, getting ready for the my Open Studio and the Delmar Indoor Farmer’s Market and already working on custom jewelry pieces for client’s holiday gifts. When the actually holidays arrive – then I can relax!


eco-friendly jewelry with fern image

Loretta Fontaine Jewelry reversible sterling silver Theresa earrings with Stuyvesant Fern

Today, I’m working on an order for Raiford Gallery in Roswell, Georgia, a contemporary art, craft and jewelry gallery housed in a stunning 9,100 square foot timber framed building. Check out their website, I’m so pleased to be chosen to be part of the GREAT group of artists there.


Fall is here and I hope you can find a small town and local harvest festival to visit as the weather cools and leaves change!

Last Saturday I took a gorgeous hour country drive over Route 20 to visit the delightful Sharon Springs Harvest Festival with two fifth graders –  my daughter Rosie and her friend E.


heirloom fruits Beekman 1802 Heirloom Desserts Cookbook Josh Kilmer-Purcell and Brent Ridge Sharon SpringsWe stopped in to see my sunny friend Kendal and her handsome fiance Zach – and visited their shop McGillycuddy’s Naturals Bath Products. The two girls each picked a bar of soap, – peppermint and citrus sunrise! Next door, the Fabulous Beekman Boys Josh Kilmer-Purcell and Brent Ridge were signing copies of their Beekman 1802 Heirloom Dessert Cookbook at their Beekman 1802 Mercantile!


Wendy Costa and painted socks at the Sharon Springs Harvest Festival Fabulous Beekman BoysSo happy to see my friend Wendy Costa and her new line of artistic socks in person. Her painting studio (a church!) is nearby and her socks are printed locally. It’s an understatement to say the girls were big fans – they picked out matching pairs of socks!


McGillycuddy's Natural Soap and bath products, Deb McGillycuddy makes the fabulous beekman boys 1802 goat milk soaps Josh kilmer-purcell and brent ridge goat milk soapA harvest festival is a great way to discover what’s right in your backyard – we found bulbs of organic garlic, rare and oinking New Zealand hogs, fluffy white bunnies, amazing homemade hummus, and lots of local fibers and knits.


Harvest Festival in Sharon Springs New York heirloom fruits and heirloom organic vegetable recipes the fabulous beekman boys

Before we left, we explored the architecture and history of Sharon Springs and took Nick Drummond’s advice to head up a road to peer at the abandoned Alder Hotel and Spa. The town has a rich history as a spa town as people came to “take the waters.” Read more on Sharon Spring’s history here. As we walked by an old spring, we could smell the sulphur in the water.

Heading home, all the vendors were closed and I forgot to pick up something for Husband. No worries! Denali Farm’s self-serve stand right by the Imperial Baths had pie pumpkins! I threw two dollars in the box, grabbed two orange organic beauties and the girls and I headed home as the sun set. They want to come back next year!

Any great Harvest Festivals you plan on visiting this Fall?


Our second vacation this summer took the whole family out west for three weeks! When I was a kid, we took two trips out west with my parents and three siblings, and I wanted give our kids a taste of that. It was so much fun rediscovering places I had visited as a child…


Finding Elk at Jenny Lake, Grand Teton National Park

Grand Teton National Park

Our first stop was Grand Teton National Park. What a great place to hike! We were even greeted at the park entrance by the same “purdy” Park Ranger who greeted fellow blogger Jody (see her  About Last Weekend Jackson Hole post here!) We got caught in some spectacular thunderstorms up in the mountains, but didn’t mind as the rain cooled us off!


Old Faithful Geyser, whitewater rafting and elk at Yellos=wstone National Park Eco-friendly vacation

Yellowstone National Park

Next, we travelled north to Yellowstone National Park. Our first day we were treated to not only timing our first visit to Old Faithful Geyser perfectly (no ninety minute wait for us!), but we also caught an elk nursing her little one in the middle of the road! This park is huge – we visited and stayed in all four corners of it. Evie, Rosie and Son H would put the day we spent white water rafting high on their “best of” list.


Bison and Upper Yellowstone Falls and soaking swimming in the Boiling River, Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park

I vividly remembered walked down the many metal stairs of Uncle Tom’s Trail as a kid to view Lower Yellowstone Falls. It was great to do it again with my kids!

And yes, bison blocked the roadways everywhere!

My favorite place for breakfast was the amazing, historic Old Faithful Inn.

One “secret” spot we all loved was the Boiling River, a natural hot tub where the hot springs flowed into the chilly Yellowstone River. Hot and cold water rushed around you – as elk and fly fisherman stood by.


Taste of Portland, Bite of Portland, farmers market organic, eco-friendly produce, alberta street fair

Portland, Oregon

Next, we took the thirteen hour roadtrip to Portland, Oregon to visit my sister S, brother-in-law R and little nephews B & J! We were so lucky to spend ten days with them hitting the street festivals, food festivals and farmer’s markets! And if you needed blackberries for pancakes, they were just a short hike away from the house.


blow-out bar portland, farmer's market city of portland, shipwreck on beach portland earth-friendly

Portland, Oregon

We even got a trip to the Pacific Ocean in, but only after screening the classic teen movie “Goonies”, set in the seaside town of Astoria, Oregon, first. On the beach near Astoria – a real shipwreck! You can see the rusted hull to the left in the photo above. How cool is that?

What was the best part of your summer vacation?


p.s. Congrats to fellow artist and blogger Cecilia Frittelli for winning the Loretta Fontaine Jewelry Meredith necklace on Alicia’s blog! Find Cecilia’s blog Textile Studio here.

Summer flew by, the kids are back in school and … we have a new puppy in the house!

But, I want to backtrack and share some summer vacation photos with you, to remember those warm, sunny days.

vacation photo eco-friendly island camping lake george adirondacks

Seems like yesterday we were packing for July Lake George camping trip. We stayed two weeks and had a ton of family and friends visit us on the island! My Mom and Dad came up, as well as my sister S and brothers D and J! A real family reunion! It’s so rare we all get together as we live so far apart – New York, Pennsylvania, Oregon and California.

vacation photo eco-friendly island camping lake george adirondacks


Such a peaceful and relaxing time. All four of my nieces and nephews joined my three kids in the hammock shot above – including new baby niece N, who got to dip her feet in the lake for the first time! (She didn’t like it!)

I’ve been camping at Lake George in the Adirondacks of New York since I was three years old and never tire of going back to the basics with a tent, a cookstove and a dock to jump off of. It was heaven.

Next, I’ll post some of our Yellowstone and Grand Teton photos, and a photo of the new puppy! (If you follow me on Facebook, you’ve seen her already!)


Our family is back from yet ANOTHER summer getaway! Yes, we already spent two weeks camping in the Adirondacks, but for more family summer fun the five us had a wonderful “Out West” vacation that lasted a glorious three weeks, almost the whole month of August!

We visited the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone National Park, and then drove to Portland, Oregon to spend time with my sister S, her husband and my two adorable nephews.

Now can you see why posts on the blog have been a bit sporadic this summer? (…and remember, always let folks on the internet know went are on vacation AFTER you come back home for safety, please read this post by my friend Traci Zeller for a jarring reality check if you think otherwise.)

Here I am in front of Yellowstone’s stunning Grand Prismatic Springs! I will share more about the trip and a lot of “green” things I learned along the way in future posts!


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