{not so charming}
I think everyone in New Jersey, New York and Vermont is rethinking why they bought a property adjacent to a “charming” creek after Irene.  Here’s a photo of our backyard during the storm. It looked like a small pond, with a fast flowing stream running through it.
{The Dowerskill Creek on a better day}
I can’t find my camera’s battery charger to charge the battery and take a picture of the creek at normal levels, but here’s an earlier winter photo. 
What was scary about this storm was we had about 5″ of rain, but what would happen if we got 11″ like Vermont, or 13″ like the Catskills? Would my cute little creek breech the culvert under the road downstream and have to flow over the road? Then I hate to imagine how much water would fill our lower level.
p.s. We had a little water flowing in our basement, not from the creek, but seeping in from the ground. The dehumidifiers are still going before I clean it out.

{lunch today}

Husband and I just got back from a three-day getaway in Vermont to celebrate our fifteen wedding anniversary. We had the most marvelous time! Husband’s parents graciously took the kids, and right now I’m waiting while he picks them up.  I’ve made a quick meal of what we brought home from Vermont – blueberries, bread, goat cheese, veggies… We ate lunch like this the whole trip – just stopping at roadside stands and general stores and grabbing what looked tasty.

{paying by the honor system, roadside in Putney, Vermont}

Hurricane Irene’s heading our way and we’ll feel the effects tonight.  How lucky we were to have good weather for our anniversary trip! In the Albany, N.Y. area we are on a Tropical Storm warning, and don’t expect to get hit as hard as the areas to our south and east. I’m thinking of of those who are in a more dangerous path of this storm and my thoughts go out for a safe weekend to all.


I thought you’d like to see a bit of the process of making jewelry – the little spheres, ovals and pins in my hand are stainless steel shot.

The “shot” is used to polish metal. Add the shot and a few drops detergent to a tumbler along with the metal to be polished. Here I’m polishing some sterling silver earwires I made!


Our Adirondack camping vacation is a big family affair. Here’s some more photos from our trip this summer. Take a look at my parent’s gear – and what happens when my Dad meets a black Sharpie marker:

{boat warning}
{how many teaspoons of hot chocolate mix?}


{camp stove warning}

{hammock warning}

My grandmother H put up with her husband and his black marker. Now it’s my Mom’s turn. Do you think this is hereditary? One day I may wake up and “label” everything!


{beautiful site – Floating Battery island}

{the water is SO clear!}


{plug your nose!}


{guests on the dock}

{morning sunrise}

{after 12 days, packing up to head home}

Hope you enjoyed our Lake George vacation pictures! Where did you go this summer?


{starting Kindergarten this September!}

Here’s Son H in his new outfits. New-to-me, that is. These clothes were bought second-hand. Wasn’t he sweet to pose for me? I did have to bribe him with chocolate chips!

I buy (and sell!) a lot of clothing at the Pass-It-On Children’s Consignment Sale in Albany, New York. Kids grow so fast, you can get amazing deals on “gently used” clothes that have lots of wear left in them. Two dollar size 5 boys Tommy Hilfiger jeans, anyone? The sale is going on now and ends this Saturday.

Find a kid’s consignment sale near you with this cool website.


{we got to the site in my Dad’s boat}

We just came back from a twelve day Adirondack family camping trip on Floating Battery Island in Lake George, New York. It’s the most pristine place, and our site was in the shadows of Black Mountain, the highest peak on the lake. The last two weeks I’ve been using Blogger’s Post Date “Scheduled At” feature so no one would know I was gone!

{Husband and Son H, paddling away}

I’m always worried for bloggers who write posts while on vacation.

ONE – you’re letting strangers know you are out of town (see Traci Zeller’s post on blogging safely and preventing home invasions!), and

TWO – don’t you want to enjoy your vacation time and get away from the computer for once?

{view from the dock – lovely hues}

To autopost, I just wrote up two weeks of posts before I left, and had them scheduled to run while I was away. And get away we did – we went with my parents and lots of family came up. What a wonderful time! I’ll post more pics later.

I’m really inspired to do an inspiration board for my living room from all the colors captured in the water, sky and mountains. Aren’t the shades divine?


{goodbye bookcase!}
Cleaning out some old stuff, and donating this bookcase to the Albany, N.Y. Habitat For Humanity Restore.
{thank you, guys!}

 It’s SO easy to donate – call ahead and they will come and pick up your furniture!

Do you want it? Solid maple, excellent condition and your money will benefit local Habitat For Humanity projects. Find the Albany Habitat For Humanity ReStore at 454 North Pearl Street!


{Loretta Fontaine Jewelry custom reversible sterling silver Maria earrings w/ blue Forget-me-Nots and tourmalines}
Summer is here and I love these summery earrings from my line. What would you wear them with?

 The new deck stairs are done! The are replacing the old narrow stairs to the left.

{master plan}
Those old stairs will be removed to make way for the new windowseat!

These new stairs are much safer, if you slip (which husband did on the old stairs last winter with a load of firewood) you’ll only fall seven steps!

{5′-4″ wide}

 I love that there is room for a person to be sitting on the stairs when someone walks up them.

What do you think?