Sorry I haven’t posted much this month…
You all know why!

{guys working in the background}

So I’ll just do a quick post here with some more pictures. How crazy has it been here? See Son H in his special apple hat?

Yes, I missed his Kindergarten Apple Celebration… Sigh… He doesn’t seem too upset about it!


{wide open!}

Nothing like a big hole in your house to make you a bit stressed out!

The windowseat project is marching along…


p.s. So much fun to escape the dust last Tuesday to catch a taping of The Nate Show in NYC! I’ll post some pictures, soon…

{which would Mr. Berkus like the best?}
I have tickets to see The Nate Show in New York City soon! I’ll be going with good friends S and A and we need to arrive wearing our “best and brightest.”
So excited! I’ve never seen a television show taped before – and I’m sure after this I’ll appreciate what goes into these shows a lot more. And I can’t WAIT to see Nate Berkus!
What outfit would you pick? Friend S is coming over soon to help me decide…


 We buy our Christmas tree early and our pumpkins, too. A good chance these will rot out by Halloween, but like the needle-dropping tree, worth it to squeeze in as much fun as possible.

{Evie took the longest to find hers}

 We spend last Sunday visiting my Great-Grandma H. She’s ninety-nine and in a nursing home, and the home was close to this pumpkin patch we stopped at on the way home.

When I was a kid Great-Grandma H lived on a lonely road called Laura Lane where few trick-or-treaters ventured and she gave out full size candy bars.

{I told Son H any pumpkin he wanted – as long as he could carry it!}

The full-size-candy-bars-houses were stuff of legend in my childhood neighborhood. But my kids have it better. A house on our block? KING SIZED candy bars! (He’s a candy distributer!)

Happy October!


Here’s my paper model completed with it’s roof on! This shows the new windowseat and the larger roof overhang and a 18″ roof extension over the deck. (The construction drawings done a year ago had shallower overhangs.) This past Spring a friend told me I needed heftier overhangs if I really wanted to change the style of my 70’s “modern” house to something more traditional, and I have to agree. See the shallower roof overhand here.
Another project is on this paper model, too. Wouldn’t this new french door and circular window look great to replace the existing ho-hum sliding patio door? I think so, and maybe it can be done in a year or two. Always dreaming! My budget calls for renovating in stages.
The demolition of the old fireplace chase is done and work building the windowseat should start this week, weather permitting. Here you can see the old steep staircase removed and the ladder up the chase…
{an octopus revealed!}
Always surprises during demo. I never knew the old fireplace had all these vents attached to it! We have four vents in the house that I though were HVAC, but were really a forced air complex heating system with this old fireplace we never used! Weird, and looks like an octopus!
Fianlly, all torn down and ready for the new construction. I am SO excited!
{working it out}
Today I made a paper model of the windowseat addition we’re building so I could take a better look at how the rooflines will work.  (I’m thinking I want a larger overhang then what’s shown on the construction drawings.)
If you can remember from this post back in October 2010, this project was suppose to be completed almost one year ago! It should start this week. Everyone I know tells me contractors are always delayed.
Have you had a contractor complete a project on schedule?
p.s. Thanks all for voting on their favorite of my three master plans. The winner (and my favorite, too!) – plan #1!
“Pop Can Trio” – recycled aluminum cans, waxed cotton
I’m starting a “deep clean” of my studio and came across these aluminum “vessels” I made a while back.  If you’re in a book store you can pick up a copy of the book “500 Metal Vessels” and find them published on page 154.
{the book you can find them in!}
I named my little group “Pop Can Trio” because at the time I was living in a house near kid’s baseball fields. I’d pass them twice a week on my walks to the post office and became obsessed (as in digging in the trash cans!) with picking up and redeeming all the soda cans always lying around. 
When a call for entries for this book came out, I just had to use soda cans!
I saved my favorite cans for this little project (the tallest “vessel” is only 5 inches high!). The one complex shape is based on a project for a structural column I did in Architecture School with my friend Christine. She’s still a good friend!
I hope you enjoyed this little creative project dug out of my past. I’m having fun going through lots of stuff. 
p.s. Funny reading that word “Pop”! When I was in school in Buffalo, New York that’s what soda was called, and I also thought the vessels looked a bit like Pop Art.

I finally found the battery charger for my camera, so now I can take a good picture of what our creek normally looks like.

{our backyard!}

So, here it was during Tropical Storm Irene.

..and here it is normally! You can see the water in the creek is still a little muddy.

The mosquitos have been fierce here after all this rain. Even in the middle of a sunny day a little swarm attacks you!


Sep 09


{getting on the bus!}

Big Day here- my youngest, Son H is off to Kindergarten! That smile is for real – he’s so happy to step out on his own. This independent one has never had one bit of separation anxiety!

Me? From 9:00am to 3:00pm my day is now free. I have the time now to pursue things I haven’t had time for in the last 11 years I’ve been raising my little munchkins. It does feel like a new leaf turned. I plan on doing a lot more designing, a lot more connecting with friends and peers, and a lot more daydreaming


It’s raining today, Labor Day is past and Fall is just around the corner. A few red leaves have even hit our driveway.

But if you want to catch a bit more Summer, head to and stock up during her latest Sale.

{Sleeveless Nantucket Dress in White Twill with Red}

The clothes Kayce designs are modern with vintage flair. A smart cropped cardigan could carry this dress into Fall. (I’ll take the wallpaper, as well!)

{Sleeveless Party Top with Blue and White Flower Bouquet}

Kayce’s Bears and Pears children’s clothes are adorable. (She has seven children, so she’s quite child-savvy – read her story in this online Summer 2011 issue of House of Fifty.)

{Vintage Knit Sun Set – Pink and White Stripe with Green Scotty}

..and Summer baby clothes as on sale as well! So sweet! Here’s hoping for a bit of Indian Summer for everyone this month.


(This is not a sponsored post – I just admire these clothes and am so happy to share them with you!)