{Loretta Fontaine Jewelry sterling silver Triple Maria necklace with natural turquoise place on a Liz Vigoda Pottery plate}

I’ve just posted some photos from Holiday Delmar Open Studios on the blog my friend Liz Vigoda and I write together: http://delmaropenstudios.blogspot.com/2011/11/sale-this-weekend.html

We had a great day yesterday, and look forward to a great time today as well. Stop by if you are in our area – we are open from 10am – 5pm. More info: Holiday Delmar Open Studios


Nov 18

New Jewelry!

{sterling silver Loretta Fontaine Jewelry Mabel necklace with Plum Ballet Flower and natural turquoise}

I’ve posted some new work I’ll be showing at Holiday Delmar Open Studios this weekend on the blog Liz Vigoda and I write for the sale.

See more of my jewelry at this post: http://delmaropenstudios.blogspot.com/2011/11/new-jewelry.html 

(One of the pieces I posted is a custom ring I made with a photograph of a client’s adorable dog. Please take a look!)


If you follow me on Facebook, you know I was interviewed last weekend along with my potter friend Liz Vigoda for an article about  Holiday Delmar Open Studios for the local newspaper, The Spotlight.  Take a read of the first paragraph of the article published yesterday. Too funny!
The interviewer, Jackie Domin, was so nice. It’s always interesting what questions you’ll be asked – and what story comes out in print!
{Love the local news – my jewelry and construction news on the same page!}

It was so great that the Spotlight featured us. If I were more organized, I would have sent out a press release for our sale – but I didn’t, so I forgot to ask Jackie how she found out about us!

{Photo of my friend, Liz. Where is my photo? I must not be as good looking!}

Here’s the full article – “From Architect To Artist.”  I’ll try and see if it’s published online and post a link, if not I’ll write a post later on the ending to that “bad part of town” Buffalo story.
Thank you, Jackie!

If you are in the Albany, New York area here’s more info on the sale: Holiday Delmar Open Studios.


Next Saturday and Sunday I’ll be here:

{Liz and I – photo taken at the sale last year}

at this adorable blue house with my friend Liz Vigoda for the 3rd Annual Holiday Delmar Open Studios.

This is her home/pottery studio. Liz also teaches adult and children’s classes here, my girls Evie and Rosie have taken her “clay camp” and absolutely loved it!

I’ve posted a few pieces of Liz’s work earlier, here’s another:

{Liz Vigoda vase}

 Liz is SO talented! I can’t wait to see what she brings next week. I’ll try and post some photos of the jewelry I’ll bring to the show in the next few days…

Holiday Delmar Open Studios
November 19 & 20, 2011
10am – 5pm
Liz Vigoda’s home/studio at 9 Keith Road, Delmar, N.Y. 12054 (15 minutes south of Albany, N.Y.)
(518) 439-4457
website: www.delmaropenstudios.blogspot.com
Facebook page for event: www.facebook.com/#!/event.php?eid=223424381057027

See the latest handcrafted pottery of Liz Vigoda and artisinal jewelry of Loretta Fontaine at Liz Vigoda’s home/studio in Delmar. New work will be debuted and special sales held. Drinks and snacks served. Wonderful shopping, please bring a friend!”


I’m so happy to see the talented Lauren Liess of Pure Style Home launch her new textile line!

{so pretty! Wouldn’t one make a great pillow for my new windowseat?}

{Lauren and her Queen Anne’s Lace print}

So many beautiful fabrics, it hard to pick a favorite! (Hard pressed, I’ll have to say Happikat – a “happy ikat” takes the cake). The evocative photography for the line (love it) was done by Helen Norman.

Learn more about the textiles (and a great giveaway) here.


Getting closer to being finished!

{new windowseat – the silver on the outside is foam insulation}

{messy – and muddy, too!}

{Husband and Rosie on the deck}

Progress is being made, remember when it was a big hole in the wall?

I’m keeping my eye on the prize:

{my exterior elevation sketch}

Soon I will get this, right?


Here’s the postcard I designed for the upcoming (in ten days!) Delmar Holiday Open Studios. Liz Vigoda designed that adorable red bird-in-a-tree design, and I drew the written logo (once again based on an Esher Font, like my blog header title!)

My talented brother Dave has been teaching me his Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop skills over the years, so I used those two programs to put the card together:

{postcard front}
{postcard back}

What do you think of the postcard?

More on our sale here: www.delmaropenstudios.blogspot.com

We also set up a Facebook page for the event:  


{Liz’s hands}

 My good friend and neighbor Liz Vigoda and I are planning our Holiday Delmar Open Studios sale this month – November 19 & 20. I’ll be showing my jewelry, and Liz will be showing her amazing pottery. I’d love to share a few images of her work with you…


 Her work is so lyrical – and each piece is one of a kind.

We’ll be using an image of this lovely vase for the postcard to advertise the sale – don’t you just love it! The chickadee in flight is complements the shape of the piece so beautifully. I hope you’ll be as big a fan of Liz Vigoda’s work as I am! Every year I add a piece to my collection.
For more info on our sale (it’s near Albany, New York) visit the blog we are writing: www.delmaropenstudios.blogspot.com, or visit the sale’s Facebook page here.
You can find out more about my friend Liz on her website: www.lizvigoda.com

I’ll be exhibiting my jewelry at this show in Albany, New York this upcoming Friday and Saturday. Last year I volunteered to organize this show, read about that here, but this year I’ve passed that torch to someone else!

The Facebook page for the show is here.

I still volunteer to write the show’s blog! http://www.holidaycraftsonmadison.blogspot.com/

If you are in Albany, please stop in to this beautiful show and say hello!

Here’s one of the pieces I’ll be bringing:

{Theresa necklace in sterling silver with White Tulip and freshwater pearls}


{Evie and Son H}
{Rosie looking just like her pumpkin}
{ready for trick or treating}

 Can you guess Son H’s costume?

My daughter Evie and he came up with it with stuff dug out of the costume bin, and she made the light saber pouch attached to the belt. (Hint! It’s a purple light saber)

Hope you all had a Happy Halloween!