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Great news! My book EcoHappy: A Simple Guide Toward An Earth-Friendly Life has been proofed and printed! I haven’t seen the copies yet – they’re being shipped by Blurb from Auburn, Washington and should arrive on Thursday, December 4. The book looks better than I ever could have imagined. I can’t WAIT! ūüôā See my latest Kickstarter update here.


photo layouts in points

I’d love to share with you some of the design decisions I made – and give you a peek at the soft-proofing process. Here’s some sketches from the last page of my notebook showing the six different layouts for the inside photo pages of the book, with the point sizes each photo needs to be cropped, allowing for an 18pt bleed, the area that will be printed but cut off during trimming. On top of that, there were four different layouts for title pages, acknowledgement pages, etc…



margins and fonts set!

Text? Fonts and margins needed to be finalized. I decided to do the body of the text in Crimson Text Regular, a Google font by Sebastian Koch for book production in the tradition of beautiful old style typefaces – which should read well in print and as an ebook. The green font is IM FELL DW Pica Regular.



“Wonder” is written out in Macarons Bold Sketch type

The font for the chapter captions is from the beautiful Macarons font family by Latinotype, which Christianne Smith¬†of DesignSmith Studios introduced me to. It’s lovely.


Cavalier King Charles spaniel helping proof Blurb colors with a pantone fan deck spot and process rich blacks

Such a good color picker!

After everything was finalized, and margins and layouts double-checked, it was time to look closely at colors. Here’s our sweet dog Violet with a Pantone fan deck of spot and process colors. Here Violet choose Pantone Process COTO-C, a fantastic chartreuse! Thank you to my fantastic neighbor, graphic designer¬†Kelly McMurray for lending me the Pantone deck!


Pantone colors process and spot for a blurb book

I downloaded¬†the special Blurb ICC profile downloaded ¬†to my¬†Adobe Photoshop and Adobe InDesign programs- so I could see the best reproduction of the CMYK inks on my screen. Since not all colors on a screen can be translated to print perfectly, you can even preview any “out-of-gamut” problems – colors that can’t reproduce change temporarily¬†as grey so you don’t get too surprised when the book is printed. All photos were processed in Adobe Photoshop in RGB (red, green, blue), and then translated to CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Black and Yellow) before being placed in the InDesign file for printing.


eco-friendly book: cover soft proof printout for Blurb book

The soft proof of the cover printed out!

When everything was wrapped up with the book InDesign file, it was sent over to Blurb. A pdf file of the book was sent back as a soft proof. Here’s the cover printed out!

Whew! I’ve learned SO much getting this book to print! The first books will be sent out to my Kickstarter backers, and I’ll be signing my new book at the Delmar Farmer’s Market¬†at the Bethlehem Middle School on Saturday December 6th from 9-1,¬†Saturday December 13th from 9-1, and¬†Saturday December 20th from 9-1.


My New Book Is Coming Soon. Thank you Kickstarter!

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