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Last month we took a trip to my friend Karen Totino’s shop Green Conscience Home in Saratoga Springs for some new Mythic paint samples for Eva’s room (she’s thinking purple) and to order American Clay earthen plaster for our bathroom ceiling.



Eva looking on as Karen Wilmott greets our dog Violet – Saratoga is so dog friendly!

We have a mold problem in our bathroom (which has a working ceiling fan – but we are a family of five with one bathroom!) and not only will the earthen plaster resist mold because it is naturally alkaline, it will control humidity levels as it slowly absorbs and releases moisture in the air. Karen has this finish in her bathroom and loves it. She even loves the smell of the clay when she takes a shower and it starts absorbing water – so I’ll find out if I love the smell as much, soon!



color samples of American Clay

To be crazy, we choose a dramatic blue shade of American Clay. It’s an existing bathroom and we’re trying to make do (and keep) the perfectly functional dated ivory tiles with forest green ivy and mauve accents. Adding blue curtains and rugs seemed to make the bathroom tiles look much better. And blue on the walls and ceilings might even make the place look cool, in an eclectic sort of way!



Bags of earthen plaster and colorant

American Clay comes in four finishes, and we choose the “Enjarre” finish because it’s only one coat and we have to trowel a ceiling, so it’s the easiest to try. (The beautiful Loma, Porcelina, Lomalina, and Marittimo finishes take two coats.) The clay is mixed with colorant and water to the consistency of soft-serve ice cream and troweled about a 1/4″ thick on the walls and ceilings. The only caveat I’m given is to tape tiles carefully to allow for the clay’s thickness so painter’s tape is not trapped under the clay.



Green Conscience Home’s living green wall

I was also at Green Conscience Home for an AMAZING evening clothing swap on February 12th and scored an armful of new clothes! Thanks Karen, for hosting the swap and the good times and great food. If you’re in Saratoga check out Karen’s shop – it’s been renovated with fabulous new wall finishes and flooring AND a stunning  living green wall! Karen can tell you how to put a living green wall in your home, too!


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