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I’ve seen a toilet/sink combination before – where you can wash your hands and use the “grey” water to flush the toilet, but never in such a good looking design as this W+W toilet and sink from Spanish company Roca.

ecohappy style green design toilet with built-in-sink to save water innovative green toilet design

two drains in the sink – for the opportunity to use sink water to fill the tank to flush the toilet

Maybe it’s the way the Europeans say it, “wall-hung vitreous china water closet and basin” even sounds nice! The other toilet/sink models I’ve seen look like a traditional toilet with a sink fitted into the top of the tank. Which works fantastically as the water that fills a toilet tank is clean potable water. Why are we using fresh , clean water to flush our toilets? Good question, but hard to convince people emotionally to wash their hands in the same piece of vitreous china that includes a toilet.

With the Roca W+W water closet and basin , the whole concept is thoughtfully and innovatively designed to look completely different. No leaning over a toilet bowl to wash your hands, the sink (“basin”) is to the left.  You can decide with the push of a button if you want your sink water to go down the drain, or be diverted into the toilet tank for a future flush. Take a look at the video on how it all works at  www.GoodHomeDesign.com’s blog here.

space-saving water recycling green toilet rica w+w sink/toilet ecohappy style green bathroom  design

Little ones in the house? The seat doubles as a step stool for the sink, too!

And this nifty combo is spacesaving, too! Look closely and you’ll see the lid lifts back against the wall. You don’t sit against the tank as in a traditional toilet.

What do you think? Could good design convince you to give the water-saving combo toilet/sink a chance?


p.s. I was not paid by Roca for this post – just passing some cool, green design on to you!

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