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I’m working on the layout for my book EcoHappy: Three Steps Toward An Earth-Friendy Life and┬áhave finalized the page size! I’ll be printing a larger 7.75 inch x 9.75 inch book!

IMG_3345It’s very important that I print of FSC certified paper. One of the options I explored I was under the impression that the paper used was FSC certified, but later learned it was not! So I changed to a different printing option.
IMG_3346 It’s really exciting to see some of the pages coming together!


IMG_3348 I’m thinking of keeping the color palette for the photos in the green, yellow and blue hues – or black and white. The photo on the right of my two daughters at Yosemite – I’m wondering if I should change it to black and white? It is full of green and blue, but sometimes I think photos with people in them look great in classic black and white.

There is a beautiful photo I took of a red leaf on green moss – but that will definitely go black and white! The red would be too jarring for the overall look of the book.



I just love the bright Spring green of the buds in this photograph!

Hope you enjoyed the progress of the book so far!



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