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Our family is back from yet ANOTHER summer getaway! Yes, we already spent two weeks camping in the Adirondacks, but for more family summer fun the five us had a wonderful “Out West” vacation that lasted a glorious three weeks, almost the whole month of August!

We visited the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone National Park, and then drove to Portland, Oregon to spend time with my sister S, her husband and my two adorable nephews.

Now can you see why posts on the blog have been a bit sporadic this summer? (…and remember, always let folks on the internet know went are on vacation AFTER you come back home for safety, please read this post by my friend Traci Zeller for a jarring reality check if you think otherwise.)

Here I am in front of Yellowstone’s stunning Grand Prismatic Springs! I will share more about the trip and a lot of “green” things I learned along the way in future posts!


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