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There has been a real chill in the air around here the last few days. It’s not uncommon to have frost in May in the Albany, New York area, and local apple orchards have been putting out fans at night to draw warm air down around the apple blossoms to keep their crops.

I just biked back from a yoga class at The Breathing Room in Delmar, (thank you Karen!), and I couldn’t believe I was biking in sleet! To take the chill off the air I’ve made a nice fire in our wood stove.

Jotul large F 500 Oslo cast iron woodstove buring wood lath

{the wood lath fire glowing in our Jotul F 500 Oslo cast iron woodstove}

I’m burning old wood lath. Wooden lath is small strips of wood that were nailed to wood studs to support the plaster in older homes. (We have a 70’s home, and this lath came from the demolition of a 1930’s bathroom).

Wooden lath recovered from a 1930's bathroom demolition

{wood lath on our deck}

It’s nice to put something to use that would have been sent to the dump.

Strips of wooden lath showing nails

{wooden lath detail}

Old, weathered wood is so beautiful – look at this old lath. The grey areas are from the old plaster, the green tints are from sitting in our yard for a year! I’ve seen recycled lath used to add character to  old walls in newer homes. But my favorite use of old lath is when  the plaster is taken off and the lath exposed. Exposed lath shows the history of an older house and the craftsmanship that went into building a wall in the days before drywall.

A drawing of Frank Gehry's Santa Monica Home

{Frank Gehry’s Santa Monica home}

When I wrote my Master’s thesis in Architecture (it was called Interventions On Exisiting Structures), Frank Gehry’s Santa Monica bungalow was one of my examples, and he exposed a lot of the wooden lath in his home. (See more pics of this most famous pink house in the world here.)

Darryl Carter's Virginia Farmhouse bathroom with exposed wood lath

{Darryl Carter’s Virginia Farmhouse}

Here’s a beautiful example of exposed wooden lath from Darryl Carter. Darryl’s interior’s have such a studied, exquisite look. The lath contrasts so nicely with the white walls. This 1840’s house is Darryl’s home in Virginia, find more photos here.

photo source: Elle Decor

Are your walls made of drywall or plaster & wooden lath? …or something else?



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