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When I was looking at what to use to cover over the beige walls of the open living/dining/great room as we remodeled our home, one of the products I looked at was American Claya non-toxic earth plaster made in the United States. I had first seen a sample board of this beautiful product ( in Loma, Lomalina, Marittimo, Porcelina and Enjare formulas) about three years ago when I was exploring  Green Depot in Portland, Oregon.

Later, I went to a workshop at Green Conscience Home in Saratoga Springs, New York where I was able to mix and apply American Clay to large drywall samples. Truth be told, the cost (oh, I had a lot of square footage to cover!) and labor involved was a little daunting to me, and I went with Mythic Paint, instead.

But look – here’s a wonderful use of American Clay in a home – as an fantastic grey accent wall! Something totally doable for people wanting to give American Clay a try!

This is the beautiful Hollcroft Residence, west of Forest Heights in Portland, Oregon by Giulietti/Schouten Architects. (The original plans for the home included a concrete accent wall – but American Clay was used instead over drywall.)

American Clay Enjarre is a rough texture, economical earth plaster mixed with water and tinted with pigment

{Detail of American Clay’s “Enjarre” on the wall – Enjarre acts as it’s own base coat and is the most economical American Clay option.}

I am going to guess that Enjarre, the American Clay formula with the “roughest” finish was trowelled on. The clay base comes in large bags and is mixed with water, and the colors are mixed in as smaller bags of pigments. This grey shade looks like it could be “Ashland” which would be a combination of Wildhorse Smoke and Savannah pigments (got to love the names they came up with for the pigments!).  What a fabulous feel this wall of rough grey adds to the room.


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